Thursday, September 30, 2010

Filipino Immigrants - Special Discounted Airfare

Did you know that as an outgoing Filipino immigrant to another country, on your first one-way outbound flight to land in your new country of residency, you can get a significant discount on your airfare?

Well, if you didn't know that, then I hope you haven't already bought  your ticket.

The travel agents do not readily advertise this, but if you ask, they will quote you.

Here's what you will need:
*  Photocopy of the info page of your passport.
*  Photocopy of the immigrant visa page of your passport.

The discount for me was significant, I think 35-40%.  It was definitely enough for me to decide on a one-way ticket, rather than a round-trip ticket.  The discount is only valid for a one-way ticket for your first landing as an immigrant.

My recommended travel agency is  
    Uni-Orient Travel Inc. (Makati)
    G/F I-Care Building
    167 Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village
    (02) 818 9585 to 89

Whenever I get a quote for PAL (international flights), they always give me the best prices in town!


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