Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Daily Reading - BC / Vancouver Online News and Happenings

In preparing for my move, I asked myself one day, what will it be like to live there -- not as a newcomer, but as one who had already assimilated into the community and culture.  I recalled how it was when I was a teenager growing up in the U.S.  There came a point when I became a local, no longer feeling separate, but part of my new community.

So, about two months before my scheduled departure to Canada, I started a daily morning habit of reading online news publications.  I wanted to get a feel of Canada, and more specificallly, Vancouver and B.C.  What happens there on a daily basis?  What are the people interested in or concerned about?  What are the issues that preoccupy or invade their daily lives?  What do they celebrate and is a source of pride and identity.

Here are the publications I read daily:

Vancouver Sun -

The Province -

Vancouver Courier -

The Georgia Straight -

Happy reading!

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