Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Research Your Neighborhoods

It isn't as simple as saying I'm moving to Vancouver.  Just as in any big city, you want to know about neighborhoods.  Or, perhaps you might consider a neighboring city to live in to save on rental expenses or gain in matters like safety.  Generally, as with any city, you will find that downtown neighborhoods are more convenient at the cost of higher rent, busier streets, and higher incidences of crime (they could be petty, but generally, that's how things go, right?). 

So, I did some research and found an interesting resource at Vancouver.com.  Here's the link to their Neighborhoods page at vancouver.com.  What's great about this is you get neighborhood demographics (population, age distribution, primary language, average salary, type of dwelling).  For families with children, you will also find schools in each of these neighborhoods.

Another Neighborhoods page at HelloBC.compage can be found at the HelloBC.com site.  This page is more experiential in terms of information.  It'll tell you the bounds of the major neighborhoods.  You will also find things to do and special events listed on there ... maybe the occasional video, too!

The objective here is to narrow down your search effort.  Then, when you've settled on a number of choices, start narrowing down even further.

Keep in mind that you'll make your ultimate decision when you arrive.  So, in the meantime, just gain knowledge so that you aren't starting completely from scratch.

Catch you later!

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