Monday, October 4, 2010

Just Landed

Hi Everyone,

I landed Canada Saturday at 4pm.  I'll be posting more about my exit from the Philippines and my step-by-step experience after I get settled in.

Right now, the first thing I did (with the help of my sister and her husband -- I love you both for all your help!) was get a mobile SIM card.  We went to the closest electronics store to the hotel (Future Shop) and bought a SIM.  IIt's a good thing that they accepted my international credit card and US debit card so I was able to get on a monthly plan right away.  I slapped that SIM into my new Samsung Galaxy S and I'm good!  I ended up going with FIDO (which is part of the Rogers network) but also looked at Rogers and Chat-r.

The following day (yesterday), we spent the day house hunting.  We must have visited around 6 apartments, but drover around neighborhoods and other apartment options the whole day.  I think the total list of possibilities was around 18.  It was a crazy day, so we treated ourselves to a hefty dinner in the city.

More to do today.  It's a Monday when the sun rises and I'll need to open up a bank account.

More details to follow soon!

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